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  • that ACE-news.com has the right to remove, reject, alter, suspend any content that violates, or may violate the terms of services or any content that, in the wisdom of ACE-news.com is questionable.
  • that ACE-news.com reserves the right, at any time and without prior notification, to modify or discontinue temporally or permanently  the services it offers.
  • that the content that you offer for inclusion as advert or otherwise and which may include but not limited to illustrations, images, photos,
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    ACE-news.com and are not returnable as it may be required to
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  • that by submitting any information material or content to
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  • that ACE-news.com may not refund money paid for advert service in the event that the content is removed from ACE-news.com website as
    a result of violation of terms of services or if ACE-news.com is unable to continue its services for whatever reason.


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  • in the event of litigation or dispute arising out of the use of
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  • if any of the sections, words or components of terms of services is/are determined to be null, void, invalid or summarily unenforceable by a court, the remaining or the rest of the provisions of the terms of shall remain valid and enforceable.


You expressly agree to idemnify ACE-news.com and its officers, agents, employees partner(s) from any claim or demand arising out of
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