The end of the chilling U.S. - Russia cold war was good news to all
peace-loving people becauce it greatly reduced polarization of nations and considerably lowered threshhold of a nuclear-armed confrontation between superpowers.

That was then. Today a new supremacy war, especially in military and economic fields between U.S. and China is slowly but surely taking shape. Since the fall of the Russian empire a lot has changed. Technology has developed to uprecedented levels. This means that we may not witness the old-style-like espionage and defections of the cold war era. Or the Reagan/Kruschev-like altercations. This reminds me of the Walker family in the U.S. that was sensationally accussed of selling nuclear-armed submarine technology to the Russians. Those were the times when I frequented the library just to read NewsWeek and Time magazines. It was often like reading a James Hadley chase Thriller, only that this time it was real.

There is going to be hightened research in new military hardware and applications and that will remain secret as always! Industrial espionage will also feature prominently. Already U.S. politicians have accussed china of using Huawei to harvest data for non-conventional use. Huwaei is a successful chinese consumer electronics company. They also said that the chinese targeted Adobe corporation, a giant american communications software maker. Adobe are the makers of photoshop and Dreamweaver amongst many products. Cloud computing will save Adobe.

In this section we shall feature stories that have american/chinese bearing vis-a-vis the two protagonists.