French  study  CDs

  1. Basic/Intermediate
      Level 1

  2. Basic/Intermediate
      Level 2

  3. Intermediate/Advanced
      Level 1

  4. Intermediate/Advanced
      Level 2

Do you wish to learn French or Sharpen your Proficiency in  French language? Wander  no more.     Get  these  Four French CDs prepared by a reputable French school whose main objective is to make French language learning by foreigners easy, cool and to the point. The sound is crystal clear which makes every episode  on the CD easy to follow. The oral on the CD is captured as Text and carefully laid out on special paper and aesthetically designed making it look attractive.

Get the French touch;

Its  like having Paris in your Living Room !


Pricing      Regime 
      Buy     one       (1)   CD        pay $  05
      Buy     Two     (2)   CD's     pay $   07
      Buy     Three   (3)   CD's     Pay $   09
      Buy     Four     (4)   CD's     Pay $   10