sexual HealingThis song Beats Them All
 The words

Music is the universal language of the human race. Music can inspire, sooth and educate as well as immensely enrich the owner financially, especially if it is done through a language that cuts across a big population like English.

Many of us can remember the beatles, who composed classical tunes that left many listeners mesmerized. Michael Jackson, the late king of pop, was something of a phenomenon to many music lovers worldwide, his bizarre life style notwithstanding.

But according to me, the song that beats them all, that which will appeal to anybody who cares to listen even if for the first time, is sexual healing by the late Marvin Gaye.
Sexual healing was originally done by Marvin Gaye in the early 80’s. It’s a classical tune of all times and appeals immensely especially to romantic couples. Both words and instruments are synthesized to produce a wordy melody that leaves the listener filled with awe and excitement.

The Video

Sexual healing video is equally humorous. For those who may not have had the privilege to watch it, here is a short preview.

Gaye is sick and therefore visits the hospital for treatment. His sickness for now is not “definable”. When, eventually, he is in a hospital bed a beautiful nurse attends to him. When Gaye realizes how beautiful the nurse is, he develops instant attraction towards her. He actually starts feeling better now. Gaye would later realize that what he actually needed was “love” and “sex” hence the title of the Album, “sexual healing”. It is a fact that sex and love forms an unbeatable duo. Have you found Love…..just kidding.
What do you say? ( Mnj )