My Researcher is Different

As I grew up the image of a Researcher that the world projected to me is not the type that I here or see on T.V. today.

If you asked me a real/true researcher should have the following attributes;

  1. Age not less than 60.
  2. Should have a moustache.
  3. Should be tall and slender.
  4. should always be seen in white overcoat.
  5. should have more than one pen perched on his overcoat pocket.
  6. His physique should be slightly curved forward owing to the
       the number of hours he puts over the bench.
  7. should wear glasses.
  8. The bench from which he works should be lined with many
       bottles of different chemicals.
  9. You can not bump on him on the street.
  10. He normally forgets (not skips) to take lunch.

Peel back the years

By the way laughter spices life (Mnj)