African "Medicine" man V/S "Western" Doctor
What each can and can not do: compare and contrast
African " Medicine" Man Western Trained Doctor
Call back a "lost" wife ( Kuita Bibi ) can not
Give power to jobless to find a job ( Kupata kazi ) can not
Completely cure Epilepsy ( kuponya Kifafa ) Probably
Give Libido Power ( Nguvu za kiume ) Treat Male Impotence - Probably can
Remove demonic "curses" (kutoa mashetani ) can not
Protect you from Demons ( kinga kuingiwa na mashetani ) can not
"Cure" HIV/AIDS completely ( kuponya ukimwi ) can only manage HIV/AIDS cases
What's that ( Hiyo ni nini ? ) Research on next "superdrug" ( Probably )
Now you are insulting me ( sasa unanitusi eeh? ) Do full laboratory Haemogram ( Yes )
That is secret ( Hiyo ni siri ) Manage Diabetes ( Yes )
Now its obvious who wins!
By the way laughter is good for your health. (Mnj)