Strange world
When the Devil asked for a beer and a cigarette

This day I had been busy for over 12 hours and had looked forward to having a refreshing sleep come the evening.

As usual, before retiring at home, I made a stopover at a joint where I normally partake my daily stimulant ( beer, not weed ). This day I chose to sit by a table that was tucked away in a corner. I had a bird's eye view of the whole pub because, being month end, you never know what might happen next.

After about half an hour later a figure approached my table and sat next to me. When he eventually pulled his headscarf down I realized that it was the Devil ! I winced but mustered the courage to face him. At this joint ample lighting is a luxury and therefore seriously curtailed. The room is dimly lit and one can hardly notice a colleague on the next table. The devil had taken advantage of dim light to approach me for a beer and some talk.

He needed to quench his burning thirst. He thundered;
" Can I have a beer and a cigarette, if you don't mind ?  "  He was trembling uncontrollably and for the first time in my life time I felt sorry for him ( devil ). I threw a hard look at him and demanded one thing: that he should tell me about his plans as well as reveal his past to me. He hesitated, but, because of his condition, he gave in.

I was taken aback because I thought that the devil was always " loaded " . He said; "  If you 
  don't buy me a beer I will eat my son for dinner."
I said: " what ? ".
He returned; " You have heard ".!

As we drank and ate to our fill the conversation went on like this:

Devil :  ( Trembling terribly ) " I am lucky to have found a human being who's
                 ready to listen   to me.

   Mnj :    " What do you mean ?"

   Devil :  " I mean, somethings I have done to mankind are beyond imagination,  
                  leave alone  comprehend ." He continued: " To day I took a longer route to
                  reach here because there was a  big evangelical crusade  next to the main
                  road. You know I couldn't dare pass near it. "

Mnj :      Laughing loudly. "Ha ha ha ... continue "

   Devil :    " You know eeh.. eeh "

   Mnj :      "continue "

   Devil:   " You remember the  plane accident  that ...................

To be continued

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