Health Director      Do you know ?
  1. That smoking 15 or more cigarettes a day during pregnancy gives your child a
    33 % higher risk of suffering from Asthma.
  2. That acidic drinks such as cola and orange juice could trigger asthma attack in susceptible people.
  3. That asthmatics are often sensitive to drugs like aspirin and (NSIDS ) such as ibuprofen.
  4. That paracetamol eg. panadol is safe for asthmatics.
  5. That Diabetics should exercise one to two hours after a meal when the blood
    sugar is high. Exercise can lower blood sugar for over 7 hours.
  6. That heart disease patients should exercise before eating in order to maximise blood flow to the heart.
    However walk after a meal because this ( walk ) would counter blood clot which tends to happen after eating.

ssshhhh... This is for a brother
    who's down.
Do you know that Ginseng, especially the korean, is good for physical energy and endurance. It prevents fatigue and, more importantly it revs up a subdued male sexual performance.

To be continued..