Medi - Mix   Advice    How to be safer with drugs
The Read
Many people have taken prescription drugs and some may have taken more than one type of drug at the same time. I have heard some people say that taking paracetamol (eg panadol) with all other drugs is ok. I say no; it is not always ok. The fact that it is a relatively safe analgesic (pain killer) doesn,t mean that it is safe all way when taken with all other drugs. Don't mix paracetamol with alcohol, especially. An over doze of paracetamol can lead to serious liver problem ! Since many mdecines contain paracetamol as an add-on,
one should be very care-full when taking paracetamol together with other drugs.

         Many drugs, whether prescription or over-the-counter can cause serious undesirable (side) effects when they bump against each other. Even multivitamins, when taken with some medicines e.g. Aluminium based anti-acids could have serious side effects including, reduced Multivitamin absorption. Or completely supplant some metal cations e.g. zinc with another thus altering the chemical balance of a product.
Because of the effect of caffeine on the nervous system, its advisable not to combine it (caffeine) with many drugs e.g. anti-depessants
Guide Points
  1. When you go to see a doctor or pharmacist, inform them of all the medicines you are currently taking. Taking with you the containers of the medicines is even better.

  2. Inform them of any multivitamin you may have self-prescribed .

  3. Make sure to understand all the instructions by your pharmacist of doctor.

  4. Consult (read) the leaflet that accompanies the drug and get to understand better your drug.

  5. Take the full cause of medication as advised by your doctor, but consult him immediately you notice unusual bad effects like confusion, memory loss vomiting, diarrhea etc.

  6. Store (keep) the medicines as indicated on the label. Some medicines may be affected by light. Many are affected by high temperature.

  7. Always confirm the drugs expiry date and if the packaging has been tampered with.
    Check seal is intact if the medicine requires so.

  8. Always make sure you are taking the right medicine at the right time. Avoid taking medicines where and when lighting is a problem use a torch or some other lighting to confirm the medicine.

  9. For optimum absorption, some drugs require to be taken with food while others on empty stomach. Confirm.