The hard decision   Evaluating Your Beauty Needs/ Problems
Be secure
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The first insight following self beauty appraisal can be depressing and in some instances shocking to the core. Nevertheless, the path to self-development requires courage and most importantly, high level of honesty.

Enter the mirror. It is true that the mirror never lies. All of us have friends but very few are fortunate enough to have friends they can trust to present them with questions about their looks. Many cannot withstand a friend having to see their imperfections without some resentment and/or resistance. At this point, then, the mirror can take over.

Your aim is to spot problem areas and to fix them if possible. To conduct this important undertaking you got to be well prepared. Find sometime for your self in your room/house.

Have some kind of refreshment, e.g. a soda by your table. Lock the door. You need this conscious, deliberate, solitude moment for a quality self examination exercise.

You may have dreaded such a moment for a long time, but remember you want to look good, which you can fix only when you have hardy information about yourself. Don’t wait. Remove every cloth and item from the body and go stand infront of your mirror. I know every woman has stood before the mirror before. But this time, for the first time, be professional about it. Allow not the emotions to take over. No self-deceiving perusals. As you turn and bend your torso look yourself in the mirror with the eyes of the people who see you in real world.

The Appraisal/score card

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What are my problem areas eg. Is it hips, the stomach area etc.
  • What beauty shortcoming is realistically easier to fix.
  • What improvement, specifically and generally, do I need to address.
  • What, in life, do I want that directly draws from my looks/appearance
  • Do I appear confident?
  • When with people do they feel nervous or do they subconsciously want to stick around because of my easy going nature. What is the effect of my demeanor to the people around.
  • Does my posture contribute to my beauty positively or negatively?
  • Do I walk gracefully ?
  • Does my talk, voice irritate or sooth the situation/others?

The following are problems/areas where women should be on the look out.

  • Overweight hips
  • Overweight/sagging buttocks
  • Flabby/wrinkled thighs
  • Flabby abdomen
  • Sunken chest due to bad posture

In the next issue we will explore some of the best ways to fix your specific problem areas.

Street wise steps to enhance your personal security.
  • Walk in areas where you are least likely to run into trouble.

  • Avoid short cuts that are deserted and lonely.

  • Avoid walking in dark areas/alleys

  • Always be alert. Develop a sort of “second pair” of eyes or some sixth sense. Scan all sides occasionally.

  • As you walk be aware of trouble spots eg shadowy areas and sharp bends/corners.

  • Learn to scream when in trouble.

  • Take some self defense lessons.

  • In the event that you are “cornered” by an armed assailant and you don’t see help forthcoming immediately it may be necessary for you to stealthily play along with the assailant and seize any window of opportunity that may arise to escape.

Next issue; How to protect yourself against rape attack.

By Mnj