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The Aptitude Test Please Answer The Following 5 Questions
1. Between wisdom and High IQ which one do you think is
         superior to the other for Business growth ?

        A - Wisdom
        B - High IQ
        C - Don't Know
   A.   B.   C.  

2. Black holes and Dark Energy in the universe  have similar  
        properties ?

        A - Yes
        B - No
        C - Don't Know
   A.   B.   C.  

3. Antelopes are eaten by Lions and as they die experience
         great pain. But Lions have to feed on them to survive.
         Is this Evolution or God likes lions more than antelopes.

        A - Yes - Evolution
        B - No   - God's works
        C - Don't Know
   A.   B.   C.  

4. Plants, as living things, experience pain as they  dry/die.

        A - True
        B - False
        C - Don't Know
   A.   B.   C.  

5. In Business, to win a cutomer, what's the most  important:-

        A - Wits and Respect
        B - Ethics and a smile
        C - Both   A & B
        D - Prayers
        E - Don't Know
   A.   B.   C.   D.   E.  

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